Avoid Gridlock… Plan Your Alternate Route Today

With only one day left to plan your alternate route in Arlington, city leaders have a few suggestions to make your commute a smooth one.

Keith Melton, Director of Public Works and Transportation, is recommending several alternate routes for drivers to consider during the Union Pacific Track Renewal Project.

“Available detour routes include State Highway 820 in Fort Worth, Fielder Road, State Highway 360 and State Highway 161 in Grand Prairie,” said Melton. “Our advice is to stay on the perimeter of the city until you cross the tracks. Then proceed inward.”

Although drivers may also use Forest Edge and West Street as alternate routes, the city is expecting significant congestion at these underpasses. Plan carefully. Trucks will not be allowed under either underpass due to height restrictions.

Beginning January 17, Union Pacific will close the at-grade crossing at Bowen Road for four hours. Crews will return at a later date to repair this crossing.

The remainder of the at-grade crossings in Arlington are expected to be closed during the track renewal. Depending on the opening of Davis Street, this could force the simultaneous closure of up to six crossings across the city.

As of January 16, here is the latest information released by Union Pacific:

Crossing    Closure Dates*
PVT Road (Howell Farm)   January 16-20 (Wed.-Sun)
Bowen Road   January 17 for four hours (Thurs.)
Davis Street   January 17-21 (Thurs.-Mon.)**
Cooper Street   January 18-22 (Fri.-Tues.)
N. Center Street   January 18-22 (Fri.-Tues.)
Mesquite Street   January 18-22 (Fri.-Tues.)
Collins Street   January 19-23 (Sat.-Wed.)
Stadium Drive East   January 19-23 (Sat.-Wed.)
Great Southwest Parkway   January 21-February 3

* Dates are subject to change

** Crews will work to open Davis prior to the closure of Collins and Stadium

Avoiding gridlock is also easier now with the Interactive Webcam Map developed by the City of Arlington. Drivers can view 27 traffic webcams available only at MyArlingtonTx.com. The interactive map also features a daily status of the railroad crossing closures in Arlington.

Follow the City of Arlington on Twitter @CityOfArlington  #TrackRenewal or call the Union Pacific hotline at 877-243-1350 for updates. You can also sign up for email updates at MyArlingtonTx.com or visit www.MyArlingtonTx.com/UP.


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  1. I think this underscores the need for more over or underpass railroad crossing. Two overpasses and two old underpasses are not enough

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