Recycling… Do Your Part With the Cart

City officials are working over the next few months to roll out automated recycling collection.

Starting this summer wheeled recycling carts will take the place of traditional open-top bins that residents currently use for curbside recycling.

The infrastructure for automated recycling will be developed, new trucks will be ordered and employees trained on how to operate them throughout the spring. The carts will be delivered to residents in June.

The 65-gallon carts will be serviced using trucks with robotic arms that lift and dump the containers overhead. When collection using the new carts begins, the current bins will no longer be serviced.

The move to automated recycling was approved by the City Council in August to improve efficiency in city recycling, increase participation and conserve landfill capacity.

During a pilot automated cart study conducted last year in 3,000 households in seven Arlington neighborhoods, officials saw an increase in recyclables and the number of households that recycled.

A survey of roughly half of those households showed 74 percent preferred the automated carts over bins.

Arlington officials said the carts, which are being used in many other cities across the country, better contain loose recyclables like paper, plastic bottles and milk jugs that often are blown out of open-top recycling bins.  This debris litters yards, streets and waterways.

Additionally, the automated system is expected to better protect against injury to collection workers who now work in teams to manually lift and empty the bins. Manual collection is slower and less efficient, officials said.

“Moving toward the automated system is a big trend in the hauling industry,” said Lorrie Anderle, the City’s recycling coordinator. “The carts are easy to maneuver and have more capacity.”

Anderle said because the carts hold more than the current 22-gallon bins, residents will have room to consider including more recycled materials.

“The exciting news is that once the new cart system is in place, an expanded list of acceptable materials will be imprinted right on the lid of the carts,” she said.

To participate in the recycling program, residents will be required to use a cart starting this summer when the containers are delivered. To opt out call Republic Services at 817-317-2000 or send an e-mail to

To implement the program, monthly water bills will increase from $11.32 plus tax to $12.19 plus tax. The fee increase, which applies to all residential accounts, starts when the automated program begins, officials said.

Anderle said residents who use walkers or canes or who are unable to move their recycling to the curb could be eligible for door-side collection. There must be no other residents in the home physically able to move the recycling to the curb, and documentation such as a signed physician’s note or permanent handicap placard must be provided.

For more information about details of the new automated program, door-side service or how to opt out of the program, visit here or call 817-459-6778.




18 thoughts on “Recycling… Do Your Part With the Cart”

  1. The trash collectors confiscated our small recycling bins this past Monday. What are we to do about recycling until then?

  2. If I elect to opt out and refuse the 65 gallon recycling container will I be charged the fee increase on my monthly water bill ?

  3. The new bins are nice and we like to recycle. Our only concern is how the trucks will be able to pick them up if they can’t drive along the curb. Our streets (East Arlington) has lots of cars parked in them.

  4. The mayor, council, and city staff never produce the total programmatic cost of their innovations. My concern is that more is to come with the automated collection of trash once the re-cycling program with the new containers is established. I am waiting for the other shoe to fall. I thought re-cycling was to produce cost benefits for users. The entire waste management program needs to be re-opened and evaluated. Remember when these people leased our waste disposal site.

    1. Automated garbage collection has not been discussed. Curbside recycling has not been presented as a cost savings. It is a service implemented as a response to citizen request.

  5. The City of Arlington, Mayor, Council and staff never present the true programmatic cost of these initial increments of change. My concern is what the program will be for collecting trash once the use of the re-cycling containers has been established. I am waiting for the other shoe to fall. Can anyone put a dollar benefit on the re-cycling program? I thought it was to produce savings.

  6. I can see the good in keeping the stuff in the bin. My problem is 2 one you will be putting more people out of work which we all know that is something we don’t need more of. Also as one other person said you never mention it cost the tax payers as well.
    Keep doing automated and keep doing away with jobs it is so bad for our economy.

    1. No jobs will be lost as a result of automated program. Current recycling employees will be able to apply to promote to driver. The rest will be moved to positions within garbage collection.

      1. Your statement is based on an assumption that turnover will be great enough that there are positions to transfer. The bottom line is THEY WILL BE HIRING/EMPLOYING/PAYING LESS PEOPLE.

  7. While supposedly representing the citizens over their special interest buddy, six council members vote for a recycling rate increase that will generate 110% ($9.23 million/$8.4 million) of what Republic determined was Arlington’s share of the capital costs, while giving the citizens no credit/reduction for the old trucks to be used elsewhere within the Republic system, or the estimated millions in employee savings to be saved over the years [corruption at its finest].

  8. We presently use three or four recycle bins every week.

    Will the new carts hold that much? If not what do we do with the leftover recyclables?

    1. The current bins have a 22 gallon capacity. The new carts will have a 65-gallon capacity. There are paper recycling receptacles at various city parks and schools if you need more capacity.

  9. I grew up in Arlington and think this is a wonderful thing. I now reside in WA state in the mountains. My family & friends in TX told me about your program. They mentioned that there were alot of folks complaining about the size of the container and having to roll it out weekly. ARE YOU KIDDING ME? Spoiled, lazy people. You don’t even have to separate the recyclables! Come on folks, get with the program. In my community, not only do we have to load up our recyclables in our cars and take them ourselves, we also have to separate it and put them in each separate dumpster at the recycle center….we dont have curbside service. Count your blessings and do your part to protect our environment!

  10. We’re from Calif. were we had these for both trash & recycle & we missed the ease of the wheels here. Had to push with my foot rather than p/u & injure my back more. Plus someone took my bin months ago. So I can’t wait until I get my new recycling bin.

    1. If you do not want your bins, there will be two designated Saturdays (dates to be determined) that we will be collecting the old bins so they may be recycled.

  11. This recap failed to state that new service will cost citizen/taxpayers around $10 million over the next 10 years in addition to the cost they are currently paying for basically the same service.

    An additional $10 million … with no real value added!

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