Food Trucks in Arlington

The mobile food truck trend is rolling into Arlington.

On Tuesday the City Council discussed a pilot program to allow food trucks to do business in Arlington. Mobile food trucks are increasing in popularity, offering unique gourmet dishes that involve on-site food preparation.

“This is an opportunity to bring a unique, fun and alternative food experience to Arlington,” said Roger Venables, assistant director for development services. “By easing food trucks into strategic locations around the city, we will be able to gauge their popularity and see if there is room for expansion in the future.”

The first chance to eat food truck cuisine will be the weekend of April 26, when the Texas Food Truckin’ Festival comes to Rangers Ballpark in Arlington, courtesy of Experience Arlington, Texas Rangers Enterprises and U.S. Food Trucks. The first of its kind event for the city will provide 50 food trucks, live entertainment and other activities for the entire family.

On November 6, 2012, City Council unanimously approved final reading of an ordinance adopting the Division Street Corridor Strategy. The creation of a mobile food plaza was identified as high priority implementation strategy that would require zero public investment. The City has been working to develop a pilot program that would allow mobile food trucks to operate within the City at specific locations and under certain conditions. The map shown identifies the Levitt Pavilion and parking lots near major sports complexes as the  primary locations which would accommodate food trucks in conjunction with a special event.

The City currently allows mobile food catering trucks or hot trucks to operate citywide, but prohibits them from being stationary for more than thirty minutes. The pilot program would allow permitted mobile food trucks to stay in place for the duration of an event and require an invitation by the special event organizer. The City would also have the flexibility to allow them to operate on City owned property in association with a sponsored event.

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I would say by the levitt pavilion. its a nice relaxing place to eat food and listen to music. without dealing with crazy sports fans. but there might not be enough land there.