Volunteer Profile: Kathleen Mulkerin, Arlington Police Department

Congratulations to Kathleen “Kathi” Mulkerin for being nominated as Arlington’s City-Wide Volunteer of the Month by Sgt. Curtis Petties of the Arlington Police Department.

Kathi moved to Arlington from Pennsylvania in 1993 and began volunteering with the police department on May 10, 1994. Each month, she spends nearly 100 hours working in different divisions needing her services – data entry for the Polaris Crash System, Citizens on Patrol, Criminal Investigations Division, CCTV for the Entertainment District – and continues to help out when any officer asks for assistance. Kathi has been instrumental in gathering new information and starting new programs in the South District.

A natural born leader, Kathi has served as President of Citizen Police Academy of North Texas, which features 22 area alumni associations. Currently she serves as one of the volunteer coordinators for the South District alongside John Ford. With Kathleen’s leadership skills and her knowledge of the volunteer base, she has been able to manage a great team of citizens, one that is actively engaged in several volunteer activities each month.

Kathi’s efforts epitomize the value of volunteers being able to take on many tasks for the City. Her contributions truly express teamwork, dedication and true commitment to the City of Arlington.

Another bright spot for the City of Arlington is Kathi’s husband, Tom Mulkerin, who has been volunteering since 1994. Volunteering is such a fun activity for this dynamic duo.


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Bonnie Bilodeau

Way to go Kathi! Thanks for all you do. ;0)