Arlington Firefighters to be Recognized for Saving Victim Using a Cyanokit


Firefighters will be recognized on Wednesday, December 18 at 4:00 p.m. for saving a victim of smoke inhalation using a Cyanokit. On the evening of May 22, 2013 firefighters and paramedics responded to a house fire. The homeowner called 911, saying that he was disabled, his house was on fire and he could not get out on his own. Dispatchers lost contact with the man during the call and alerted the responding units. Firefighters forced their way into the home and found the man unconscious in a wheelchair and used a Cyanokit to save his life. The quick rescue and subsequent patient treatment by crews resulted in the patient’s full recovery.

The Arlington Fire EMS System purchased the Cyanokit last year, which removes cyanide and carbon monoxide from the body. Arlington is the first fire department in North Texas to purchase and use this kit. Since its purchase in 2012, the Arlington Fire EMS System has used the Cyanokit to save three lives. The Cyanokit is given to patients with known or suspected exposure to both carbon monoxide and cyanide, and having moderate or severe symptoms. Patients at high risk of cyanide poisoning include victims of closed-space fires with smoke inhalation.

Please join us for the presentation of life saving awards to the brave firefighters who worked to save this man with physical disabilities. The presentation will be at Fire Station # 1 located at 401 West Main Street, Arlington, TX, 76010.

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Wow! That’s incredible, firefighters save someone and the 3/4 of this story is about a kit, guess the kit was the only thing that saved this man!! Yeah for the kit!!!!! Glad we have pictures of the kit!!!!