Water Line Leak to Cause Traffic Backup For Arlington Drivers


Road udpate 12/27/13 at 2:00 p.m. – All lanes on W. Green Oaks have reopened.

Water utilities crews in the City of Arlington are working to repair a 42” leaking water line in the median of W. Green Oaks, just south of Arkansas Lane. Workers have excavated to expose the pipe and are preparing to make repairs at this time. During the excavation, the soil under the pavement sloughed off and has now compromised the structural integrity of the pavement.

A resident reported a slow leak Friday afternoon and it was immediately investigated by the City. The pipe is in the median and water was crossing Green Oaks. The pipeline was taken out of service last Saturday with about 5,000 gallons estimated to have leaked. It appears the ground shifting from the cold weather caused this leak.

The repair is underway and a 31” long piece of 42” pipe will be replaced. Water is scheduled to be restored by Saturday at the latest – no disruption of water or wastewater service is expected to nearby residents. Once the repair section of the pipe arrives, contractors will have to close northbound Green Oaks Boulevard for an extended period of time. Traffic will be diverted to Mayfield, Little Road, Arkansas and then back to Green Oaks.

View detour map

Crews will be placing message boards in the area to notify drivers in advance of the closure. Unfortunately, this long-term closure is necessary to make the pipe repair as well as to make repairs to the pavement.  At this point, the two northbound lanes are unsafe for traffic (see attached photo). There are also two southbound lanes closed at this time on W. Green Oaks to make room for equipment necessary to perform the work. Crews will work quickly to make this repair and reopen the road to traffic.


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Kim Triolo Feil

The RRC map shows the drillng lateral really close to this area. The chicken or the egg? Did the water main break because of vibrations from all the earlier drilling, and then the freeze finish off the pipe? Or did the fracking break the water main and then the subsidence occurred?