Volunteer of the Month Led Community Web Page Redesign


Volunteers are always looking for ways to advance the mission of the Arlington Police Department.

West District Volunteer Coordinator Gary Krishnan is one of those people.

While his recruitment efforts alone have more than doubled the number of volunteers serving in the West Police District, Krishnan recently capitalized on an opportunity to improve the “I am Community-Citizens Assisting Police” web page.

He said the goal was to make the page more user-friendly. He wanted the site to become a one-stop shop for those interested in volunteering with the Arlington Police Department.

Krishnan worked with Volunteer Coordinators from all police districts to find out what they wanted in a web page.

He then reached out to UT Arlington technology student to design and revamp the existing page. He selected Daniel Puente for the task.

“Daniel has a professional, laid back approach to design,” Krishnan said. “He believes the main purpose of a web site is to keep the reader interested and informed, and he applied this philosophy to our new web page.”

The new web page incorporates the new Citizens Assisting Police logo and a video welcome message from Chief Will Johnson. The page also has a user-friendly signup page and helpful listings of volunteer opportunities, using icons to illustrate each responsibility.

Krishnan worked closely with the Police Office of Communication and City Office of Communication to help ensure functionality and uniformity with City of Arlington web pages. The Police Office of Communication also wrote and produced the welcome video from the police chief.

When the project was completed, Daniel logged more than 100 hours of his personal time on the project.

For his efforts, Krishnan was recently selected the City of Arlington December Volunteer of the Month, and he shares the honor with Daniel

The retired engineering manager worked more than 30 years at the Comanche Peak Nuclear Plant before joining APD as a volunteer.

“It is exceptional volunteers like Gary who are always working to add value to our department and our community, and the new web page is one great example of that effort,” said APD Media Sgt. Jeffrey Houston.

Visit www.arlingtonpd.org/volunteer.html to view the new “I am Community – Citizens Assisting Police” Volunteer web page.


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The new site looks awesome! Thank you both for all your efforts!