Water Quality Update


Arlington Water Utilities has been notified by Tarrant Regional Water District (TRWD) that supply from Cedar Creek, the preferred source of supply to the City of Arlington, has been restored as of Wednesday, Jan. 15.  It should take several days for the supply lines and balancing reservoir to Arlington’s Kubala treatment facility to be purged of the water that was provided from Lake Benbrook during the Cedar Creek line failure. It appears Fort Worth may continue to receive Lake Benbrook water at their two impacted treatment facilities further into the future.

As of January 15, the City has received approximately 250 inquires through our call centers and social media. The Water Utilities Department has responded to these calls and provided responses and proactive notification to residents on a timely basis via follow-up calls and social media.

As the new supply is treated and introduced into the system, Arlington residents should begin receiving the good tasting water they have enjoyed routinely by the end of this week or early next week. The system currently contains the water treated during the past few days, which takes time to make its way through the city’s 1400 miles of water mains holding over 19 million gallons of water. In addition, the system has 22 million gallons of water in storage tanks to be used completely prior to normal operation.

Arlington’s treatment staff has worked around the clock over the past few days to optimize our treatment process and mitigate the delivery of any water that was not up the high standards of the award-Water Quality Updatewawinning Arlington Water. During this water incident, all federal, state and local standards for drinking water quality were met. Also, the water and taste issue was never a safety issue.

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Dennis brown

Thanks for the hard work AWU rocks!!!!


Just wondering when the water changed and if it has caused any stomach issues.