Arlington Considering New Brand Initiative


Last summer, Arlington City Council directed city staff to work in conjunction with Experience Arlington to establish a unifying brand for the City that could be utilized in the way the City communicates with its residents, visitors and businesses.

Mindset Inc.’s Jeff Miraglia was hired as a consultant to help in the development, launch and growth of the brand. Miraglia has created successful destination brands for cities like San Antonio, Mesa, AZ and Palm Springs, CA.

Since August, Miraglia has met with more than 60 local leaders for one-on-one and group conversations about Arlington’s past, present and future. The conversations were held with all the major stakeholders in the city including these areas: business, education, arts and culture, neighborhoods, city services, tourism and entertainment.

The results of those conversations were presented to City Council on Tuesday. Some highlights of the report include:

  • The City’s brand needs to be authentic, aspirational, believable, inclusive and have emotional connectivity.
  • Arlington is unique and is ready to move beyond the perception that it is a “small town/city between two bigger cities.”
  • Arlington is a model of a “new American city that is worthy of recognition in the United States and beyond.”
  •  Stakeholders identified these issues as the vision for Arlington’s future: redevelopment, transportation, quality education system as a pipeline to the workforce, economic development, community enhancement and arts/culture.
  • Arlington’s assets include: entertainment, education, the parks system, General Motors, diversity, and the citizens’ can do spirit and feeling of pride in Arlington.

Read the entire report.

The next step is the creative design of the City’s new brand with a goal to launch it in spring.


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Warren L. Arredondo

It’s Actually pretty simple, “Advertising the City is like marketing a product, it brings attraction-tourism-people = more revenue for the City of Arlington.” This is a business plan, now they can’t just come out and say, “Come on over and visit, and bring some outside $$$ if you’re staying awhile!” (Now people this is just my opinion and assumption.)

James Johnson

I hope that “Arlington USA” is not part of the new brand. “Arlington USA” is insulting. We are part of Texas… Never forget that.

Dennis Killy

Yet another perverted method to waste citizen/taxpayer funds … exactly who are we trying to impress!

Kim Triolo Feil

New brand every other year, sounds expensive to the tax payer, but hey use the gas drilling funds…they buy alot of goodwill and will be the ultimate regret…negative PR from industrializing our good city abounds.