Foster Pet Program is Saving Lives!


Volunteers in the Animal Services Center’s Foster Pet Program are dedicated. This may be the understatement of the year. Applause and joyful expressions filled the ASC’s community room on January 15, as this awesome group of volunteers learned the full scope of their contributions during the past year.

Foster Pet Coordinator Samantha Trimble led the group through an informative presentation that told the facts. This amazing animal loving team saved 426 animals in 2013! This extraordinary work was accomplished through the diligence of 50 active foster pet volunteers’ homes.

The story of Einstein, a gorgeous black cat with a whimsical white moustache belied his precarious beginnings. He and his brother were starving and alone, abandoned by their mother, screaming loudly and on the brink of death. Einstein was the smaller of the two kittens estimated to be about three weeks old. He weighed only about six ounces and was covered in fleas. He was so sick when rescued that he would not eat for three or four days. Trimble, who specializes in the toughest cases and the most delicate, tiny animals, bottle fed and nurtured this kitten to good health. Einstein was adopted when he was about three months old by Mithul and Kim who continue to love and cherish him into the handsome, healthy feline he is today.

Trimble stated the following:

“The Foster program is usually about 85% neonatal kittens, 5% neonatal puppies, 5% injured or ill animals, or animals that need socialization. A 2014 Foster Program goal is to increase the amount of cats fostered with upper respiratory infection (URI) and dogs in need of socialization that go into the program, recover and to help them get adopted in to loving homes.” 

She went on to say that not only neonatal kittens and puppies (with or without mommas) receive care in the program, but also pets of women escaping domestic violence, animals in cruelty cases, and amputees. Trimble’s enthusiasm and compassion for animals is contagious. She commended Council member Sheri Capehart as being “one of the most dedicated and renowned animal shelter supporters and community leaders”.

The group meeting was so charged with success stories that one of the attendees, Julie, one of our longest serving foster pet parents exclaimed, “I am ready to foster again!” She fostered “Boogie” to health, fell in love in the process, and gave Boogie a permanent home in December 2012.

Michelle Johnson and her son Cole adopted “Black Jack” from his foster, Linda Faroukhtakin, who fed and protected him until he was about six to eight weeks old. Black Jack is a sleek picture of health today.

Council member Sheri Capehart attended the meeting in support of this important initiative. She reminded the volunteers to inform others of the opportunity to support the shelter with designated donations through the Arlington Water Utilities bill.

Animal Services Manager Chris Huff implemented this program with the help of staff and the community during the year 2012. Without this essential program many of these animals would have perished and never reached their forever homes.

This program is supported solely through the charitable work of volunteers, fundraisers, and donations. We want to express heartfelt appreciation to Samantha Trimble and each and every Foster Pet Parent Volunteer for all their hard work and dedication to this life saving program.

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