Partnership Designed to Combat Heartworms in Animals


Arlington Animal Services is offering a special opportunity to help save heartworm positive dogs coming into the shelter. Oftentimes these dogs are not adopted due to the cost of medical care. Once a dog gets heartworm disease, it can be difficult to treat, painful for the pet, and extremely costly.

Thanks to a $10,000 grant from PetSmart Charities and additional funding from Sponsor Adoptions, Inc. when needed, individuals adopting or rescuing a heartworm positive dog from Arlington Animal Services will have an opportunity to take advantage of this program to ensure that every adoptable homeless, heartworm-positive dog gets the opportunity for a second chance.

“Every animal available for adoption is tested for heartworms,” said Chris Huff, Manager of Arlington Animal Services. “Before we received the grant, the adopter was responsible for taking the animal to the vet and pay the cost of medical treatment.”

Now the Animal Services Center will pay the a portion of the treatment costs with grand funds from PetSmart Charities, with Arlington-based Sponsor Adoptions, Inc. paying any remaining cost for the heartworm treatment.  Sponsor Adoptions has leveraged its network of area veterinarians to secure special pricing for adopters.

According to Huff, the staff and volunteers are truly excited about the opportunity to help save lives and the program will last until the funding runs out.