Arlington Police Department Unveils 2013 Annual Report


The Police Department released their 2013 Annual Report before City Council on Tuesday, March 4. The Annual Report highlights the great accomplishments and hard work that the hundreds of men and women complete every day. For the fourth consecutive year, crime numbers continued to trend downward. Each year, the department reports incidents of crime to the FBI’s Uniform Crime Reporting program. Arlington saw a reduction of 26.3% in violent and property crimes since 2009. This is equivalent to approximately 6,000 less victims or incidents.

Crime numbers are only part of the story. The department made significant strides in the area of community engagement and partnerships. From new partnerships with our educational institutions to the rise of APD’s social media engagement, the Annual Report highlights these achievements. “From community meetings, to social media engagement, to the way our employees interact with you personally on a daily basis, 2013 was a great year,” said Police Chief Will D. Johnson.

Residents are encouraged to read APD’s Annual Report by clicking here.