Park Row Drive Improvements Complete


The City of Arlington’s project to redevelop Park Row Drive, from Watson Road (SH-360) to the east City Limits, is being noticed by residents and visitors alike.

According to Stu Bauman, project engineer, completed work includes Park Row Drive being fully constructed with concrete pavement by McMahon Contracting, LP.

This four-lane arterial rebuild project also included storm drain improvements, water renewals, sanitary sewer renewals, new streetlights and sidewalks.

Construction for this $3.7 million project began December 2012 and was completed November 2013.

7 thoughts on “Park Row Drive Improvements Complete”

  1. Are there any plans to rebuild Park Row between S.H. 360 and New York and between Collins and Center?

  2. I agree, the street and sidewalk improvements are wonderful! I have a question. Toward the end of the project (likely November?) grass sod was planted around the new sidewalks, to replace the previous grass. (Although late fall is not the best time to sod grass.) Now that we’ve had such a cold winter – will the grass be replaced if it did not survive?

    1. Thanks for your response. Arlington has a two-year maintenance agreement on all roadway projects. If there is a significant area where the grass sod is not established, within the City right of way, it will be replaced.

  3. Having spent my childhood years growing up in East Arlington, it’s nice to see improvements to the area. Good job. Thank you.

  4. I drove that road to work for many years. I lived at Park Row and 360 34 years ago when I came to Arlington. The area has been in duress for many years. Thank you for taking care of a very bad road.

    1. Thanks for your response, Maria. According to the Public Works department, Center Street (Arkansas Lane to Nottinghill Gate) will bid in May 2014 with construction starting in July 2014. This will be a complete street rebuild of a four-lane undivided roadway with concrete paving, water and sewer line renewals, sidewalks & street lights.

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