New “Enhance Regional Mobility” Newsletter Available


The Arlington City Council is leading the charge to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of transportation connections within and beyond the City’s borders. As a way of updating residents, the City of Arlington publishes the Enhance Regional Mobility quarterly newsletter to track progress, measure achievements and highlight what the City is spending and what work is being accomplished in our community.

Read the Q1 FY2014 Enhancing Regional Mobility Quarterly Newsletter.

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Shirley Patterson
I endorse a transportation connection with the surrounding cities. My husband and I are seniors — he has already relinquished his driver’s license — hopefully, I will still be able to drive for a while longer. We, as seniors, are exercising the option to “age in place” by continuing to live in our family home of 48 years. Looking forward, we would like to see a transportation system which connects to the major cities so that we do not become isolated from any of the MetroPlex opportunities. A good transportation system might encourage more seniors to consider the option of… Read more »