L-3 Communications Moving to Arlington


One of the leading companies in the aircraft simulation and training industry is expanding its current operations in Arlington. Link Simulation & Training (L-3 Link), a division of L-3 Communications has initiated a project in Arlington that will bring about 150 new jobs to the city.

New incentives approved by the Arlington City Council on April 8 will enable L-3 to renovate existing facilities at 2115 E. Randol Mill Road and 2200 Arlington Downs, and to construct a new facility at 2215 E. Randol Mill Road. The total incentive will be worth anywhere from $310,00 to $600,000 (over the 10-year period), ultimately depending upon the new taxable value of the company’s real and business personal property.

The grant will help offset costs related to relocation and retrofitting the facilities to accommodate L-3 ‘s operations.

L-3 will renovate its 182,000 sq. ft. existing facility at 2115 E. Randol Mill Road, which currently houses 400 employees and seven labs. After the conversion, the facility will support approximately 500 employees and house 15 simulator labs that will provide state of the art production and testing facilities for non-motion fast jet training simulation systems.

The company’s 82,000 sq. ft. facility at 2200 Arlington Downs currently acts as an office building for 190 employees. This facility will be redesigned and renovated to support approximately 300 employees.

L-3 also plans to construct an approximately 30,000 sq. ft. warehouse facility to house simulators and will be designed to accommodate future expansion options, which may include additional warehouse, office or demonstration space.

When complete, L-3 will have invested $17 million in the project and employ approximately 787 workers at its Arlington facilities, with an average salary of $100,000 with an additional $50,000 in benefits.

City leaders are expecting this partnership to reinforce the message to the North Texas business community that Arlington is a viable and economical place to do business and bring employment. The City is expecting the workforce to significantly contribute to the local and regional economy.

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Cheap shot Ben. You were making good points til you let emotions take over on your “p.s.”. I also must admit I don’t see your correlation between leather seats and air quality. Not only a stretch but it just doesn’t make sense. Staying on topic next time will help your case…


[…] An L-3 Communications division has kicked off plans to expand operations in Arlington, Tx. with up to $17 million in investments, My Arlington Texas reported Wednesday. […]

Dear Kim, Your environmental concerns should be presented to the City of Arlington in the proper forum instead of hijacking an unrelated news story for your rant. The City of Arlington is offering an incentive to renovate the company’s existing buildings in Arlington, you should recognize that renovation and growth is an important part of improving a city. Without it, your fresh air Entertainment District would be completely surrounded by abandoned buildings and crime. Companies such as the one referenced in this article are part of the reason our right to free speech is protected, it is unfortunate to see… Read more »
Kim Feil

again our City Council approves more industry without caring about the already overtaxed airshed blowing to the Entertainment District…its bad enough that GM and its gaswells and the new GM expansion will be making ozone on crack with the added VOC’s to the already crazed out GM’s NOX of 557 tpy (before the GM expansion)…someone please get an ozone monitor in the breathing zone of the Entertainment District…thats what I thought ….crickets


“BS” Kim. Get a grasp on life and join the other Arlington citizens who embrace the “Moving Forward” City of Arlington!!