NFL Player, Arlington Standout Helps Hometown Kids Realize Their Dreams


Luke Joeckel, standout left tackle for the Jacksonville Jaguars, has donated $125,000 to his former high school, Arlington High School.

Joeckel, 22, is a 2010 graduate of the school. Arlington helped Joeckel achieve his dreams and now he wants to give back to the community.

According to school officials, $50,000 will go toward scholarships. Some money is being used to purchase lockers for the fieldhouse, with the rest of the money slated to help the school and the student body. His gift will help other student athletes realize their dreams.

“I feel blessed to be in the NFL,” Luke Joeckel said in an email.” I got to this point thanks in large part to a lot of great people who taught me how to work hard and encouraged me to keep improving and overcoming obstacles. In addition to my family, Ms. Young, the coaches and teachers at Arlington High were a big part of that. It seemed only natural to give back so AHS can keep on doing that for students now and in the future.”

After graduating from AHS, Joeckel went on to play football at Texas A&M. Last year, he was the second pick in the NFL draft. His “Colts” football jersey was retired during a pep rally held November 4, 2013.

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Russell Hildebrandt

Thank you Luke for being a follower of Jesus who believes in giving back. We all love you at Grace.

Kim Feil

Every Joeckel I’ve known has been good for our Arlington community…from Luke’s grandparents (on both sides), to his uncle Mark, to Luke’s own parents who his mother gave my son an internship which is how my son was able to contribute to the AISD catch phrase, “Achieve Today. Excel Tomorrow.” Expect nothing less than the best from that Joeckel gene pool that gives the glory to God for their good works.

Eric Nedderman

The character of this magnificent young man is revealed to those who don’t personally know him. Extraordinary.

Also, he must have a pretty great mother and father. Well done.