Save $20 on Your Next Water Bill


Did you know using a smart phone to pay a water bill could help you save money?

If you are one of the 101,000 customers served by Arlington Water Utilities, you can pay a bill using the Check app and get $20 off instantly.

How does this work? Simply go to on your phone to download Check and to redeem this offer. The app is available for iPhone and Android

A few months ago, Arlington Water Utilities partnered with Check to provide Arlington water customers with the ability to pay and track their bills using Check’s mobile app on their smartphones. The app is convenient and provides proactive alerts and notifications.

“We’re constantly listening to our customers,” said Laurie Foreman, Customer Services Manager. “We took note that mobile payments are more convenient for our customers, so we are excited about providing them with this new payment service.

The City of Arlington currently offers an impressive number of payment options to customers. For several years, automated methods of making payments have increased while mailed-in payments have declined.


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is there a blackberry app?


Hi. I made two payments to equal my whole amount. But it says I haven’t paid the full amount only half.. is this going to change? Do I need to contact checks tech support

Nancy Heath

Would the phone app be less expensive ?than auto pay credit card? The $20 saving is for one time only?