Arlington Pipe-Tapping Team Takes on the Best


Pipe Tapping is a high-energy contest involving a race against time to drill into a cement-lined, ductile iron pipe and install a tap.  This process usually takes around thirty minutes; however, the team can complete the process in about two minutes.

Texas holds the largest regional pipe tapping competition in the country. Winning teams from Section-Level Pipe Tapping Contests compete every year at the American Water Works Association’s Annual Conference and Exposition.  This year’s conference is being held in Boston. 

Adam Stark, Adam Wagner, Taw Woolford, and Mathew Manson volunteered to be the first pipe-tapping team Arlington Water Utilities has fielded in 15 years.  The team had two goals: complete the tapping process in under two minutes and to make it to Boston for a chance at a national title.

See how their fared during Wednesday’s competition.


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Kim Feil

good job….would come in handy to work on water main leaks from all the stresses of extreme temps, subsidence (near fracking), and maybe they go could to work for the natural gas companies who have lotsa pipes that probably need work for the type of stressors?