Arlington Wins 2014 Best Tasting Water Contest



Arlington’s water has once again been recognized for being among the best tasting in the biz, following a win in the “best tasting surface water” category at the North Central Texas Regional School Best Tasting Water contest, sponsored by the North Texas Laboratory Analyst Section of the Texas Water Utilities Association.

The competition was held at the TWUA’s North Central Texas Regional School, an industry professional development event being held May 12-16 at UT Arlington. Winners were selected on the basis of a flavor profile analysis conducted by a panel of judges during a blind taste test.

Surface water, which characterizes the type of water supply utilized by Arlington residents and those of most urban communities, is treated water that originates from lakes, rivers, and streams. (Ground water, by contrast, refers to a municipal water supply that originates from a well.)

“Our treatment team continues to do an excellent job, and we are honored to receive this prestigious award,” said Buzz Pishkur, Director of the Water Utilities Department. “The team has reaffirmed its recognized position as a leader in producing high quality and aesthetically pleasing water. Not a small achievement and one that we certainly appreciate.”

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Kim Feil

Also the adjacent two compressor stations and the power plant make for synergistic risks…the Titan air study done there found Formaldehyde readings were higher than the shipyard channel in Houston-nasty.

Kim Feil

Best T A S T E doesn’t correlate with safest water to be consuming…our Lake Arlington sits atop of about 100 laterals of casings from the gas wells that surround the lake…a few summers ago the QuickSilver drilling company was doing a workover and left a valve open overnight…it was months before this was made public…the number of barrels spilled into our lake is not known, only estimated. I have blogged about the risks to our water supply with all this unproven safe Urban Drilling at BarnettShaleHell, a wordpress blog use keywords “water” and “Arlington”…. drink at your own risk…