City Council Priorities: Support Quality Education Newsletters Available


The Arlington City Council wants residents to know that “Support Quality Education” is a key priority for the work of our city.

A successful community requires a variety of support systems and an environment that enables educational opportunities to flourish. Residents, students and families seeking a community to invest in desired choices and a culture of achievement. Arlington strives for quality public, private and higher education for our community. This focus will attract new residents and businesses, and prepare a foundation for our future. The synergy between educational institutions, the municipal corporation, the private sector and the community can help ensure success and achievement for all students.

Take a few moments to enjoy the latest Support Quality Education newsletters.


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Richard Weber

They support quality education??? Have you looked at where the AISD is academically rated? The big cause of that is apartments. Generally speaking, students from apartments tend to be more mobile and understandably have a tougher time in school, changing teachers and schools more often.

So what does the council do, go after even more apartments.

They care about getting a buck for their special interest buddies a whole lot more than they care about quality education.