Water Main Break Repair Impacts South Bowen Road Traffic


Water Utilities crews are making progress on the 16-inch water main break repair currently underway near the intersection of Bowen Road and West Pleasant Ridge in Arlington. Crews are conducting density tests for compaction and moisture as they complete the backfill process. This compaction is taking longer than previous repairs of breaks.

While this is taking place, the plan is to begin removing the detour to Cooper Street and open one lane south and one lane north on Bowen Road to allow traffic. The City’s traffic barricade contractor will continue this traffic control  until 4:00 p.m. Thursday.

Crews will continue backfilling the excavation in hopes that it will be completed by Friday, close of business. This is all pending acceptable compaction tests. Once complete, the concrete contractor will finish the final repair of the road.

Click here to view a map.

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Kim Feil

what a coincidence that Pantego on on Wagon Wheel road has a water break too….only that was a real stinky gassey?smelling spew event….hope that pipe line that broke was a sewer break and not their Pantego well water stanking like that..but then again all of Arlington’s MSD habits may catch up to those on well water one day….