Responding to the Bees’ Needs

Articles Animals 08-05-14

While you could call them the “bee” team, Ray Rentschler and Mike Bass, who both work for Arlington Code Compliance Services, responded to a call on the evening of Monday, Aug 4 with nothing less than an A+ performance. Their challenge was to relocate an abandoned honey bee hive at the intersection of Jewell Drive and Lester Drive that contained an estimated 40,000 bees.

“Upon arrival, we identified a large bee box on the side of the street and many angry bees,” said Bass.

As luck would have it, a neighbor is a retired hobbyist beekeeper and volunteered to help. Both the neighbor and Rentschler put on bee suits and proceeded to remove the bee hive box from the street. The bee hive box was loaded onto a City vehicle and taken to Village Creek Park, where it was relocated to a secluded part of the park.

“Within the next 24 hours, the queen [bee] and her workers will relocate and establish a new hive,” Bass said. “The potential for this to become a dangerous situation was high, but no one was stung and the bees were safely relocated.”

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Dianne Anthony

This is so wonderful! I am 100% in support of our Arlington teams. Grateful for the neighbor and his skills!!