Xtreme Teen Camp Helps Shelter Animals

Articles Animals 08-08-14

Wet dogs shaking off tepid water all over squealing, smiling and giggling summer Xtreme Teen Campers was quite a scene at the Animal Services Center (ASC) on July 31. The center and several of its adoptable pets were energized by the 48 sixth through tenth graders attending this year’s pet grooming academy.

Teens shared with their camp team leaders and Cliff Nelson Facility Manager Krissy Crosier that they “had a blast” and that they want to volunteer at the ASC. The youth were so jazzed about their experience at the pet grooming academy that the following day, they held a “Slime-a-thon event and raised $180 in support of the animal shelter.

Volunteer Coordinator Cheri Colbert led the pet grooming academy, teaching youth about responsible pet ownership and offering great tips in pet grooming. In her presentation, she stated that “a wet dog is a quick dog!” which seemed to predict an experience by campers where one fast moving dog was described as jumping “out of the tub four times!” during its bath time. Other words of wisdom from Colbert were to “always gather your supplies first” because a dog will leave, especially if it does not like getting bathed, and to “never wet a matted animal”. One teen enthusiastically reported that the dog they interacted with “got adopted after we gave it a bath!”  Not only did the youth help the animals, but they got some healthy pet therapy in return. As one teen was sitting off to the side watching the others bathe a cute cuddly (except wet) dog, it escaped from its swimming pool bath tub to go directly to him to provide licks and affection.

It was a great day for all at the ASC, with education and some good clean fun.

We want to extend special thanks to the ASC volunteers that led the pet bathing sessions and to the Parks and Recreation Department for their partnership and to all the youth for preparing eight shelter pets for their forever homes.