Leroy Brown and Deacon Cheer Residents at Arlington Plaza

Articles Animals 08-25-14

Arlington Plaza Retirement Community was visited by some furry friends earlier this week. Leroy Brown of Respect A Bull, Inc., and Deacon an Arlington Animal Services canine volunteer made new acquaintances with its animal loving residents during a much welcomed and highly anticipated pet therapy event.

Volunteer Administrator Cheri Colbert led the session as residents had an opportunity to meet one on one with the friendly animals. A few in attendance recounted stories of adored family pets. Smiles and feelings of comfort enveloped the room as the animals met with each person.

The animals received hugs and affection and appeared to enjoy the attention, while those receiving the pet therapy looked happy from the interaction. Colbert presented residents with stuffed animals as gifts to evoke good vibes after the visit.

Many of the 99 residents that were not able to make it to the activity received personal room visits from Leroy and Deacon. Those that seemed to especially enjoy the time together were Ms. Dorothy, Ms. Mabel, Ms. Pat, Ms. Shirley and Ms. Jerry. At one point Leroy Brown halted with interest and apparent respect in front of a door patriotically decorated with a U.S. Marine Corps insignia. He was then greeted by Mr. Don, who was thanked for serving our country as a Marine.

The soothing benefits of pet therapy are one way the city and pet therapy partners are committed to engaging with our residents. Thank you to Gina Manire and all of the staff of Arlington Plaza for the opportunity of visiting their community.

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