Arlington Tree Advisory Committee Accepting Applications

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The City of Arlington is seeking  additional members for the Arlington Tree Advisory Committee.

The committee shall serve in an advisory capacity, support city initiatives, assist in the coordination of programs and events, recruit citizen support, seek funding through grants sponsorships and donations, educate the public and review the tree ordinance to assist with its evolution.

Meetings will be scheduled as deemed necessary by the chairperson.
The committee may expand if deemed necessary by the Parks and Recreation Board.
Committee Functions:

Appointees to ATAC should have a deep concern for the quality of life in our community and understand the importance and relationship of the urban forest to our environmental quality. Moreover, these individuals must be willing to transform their concern into action, by committing to diligently work to accomplish the goals and objectives set forth by the Parks and Recreation Department. There is perhaps no greater opportunity to positively influence the city’s natural environment than by serving on ATAC.
Tree Committee members shall:

  • assist with and promote the establishment of an inventory for park and street trees;
  • assist in achieving recognition, awards and certifications from various state and local organizations such as, but not limited to, Tree City USA, America in Bloom and Keep America Beautiful / Keep Arlington Beautiful;
  • assist staff in researching grants to support the forestry program, coordinate fundraising efforts and seek other forms of funding to help the forestry program to exceed industry standards;
  • assist staff in the coordination of public educational and outreach programs. These educational and outreach programs will concentrate on the importance of trees and the many benefits they provide;
  • assist staff in recruiting citizen support to grow initiatives;
  • help with the planning, promotion and implementation of programs such as, but not limited to, Let’s Enhance Arlington’s Forest (LEAF), Green the Oaks, Arbor Day, and development of a Heritage Tree program; and
  • assist staff in the consideration, investigation, and recommendation upon any matter or question within the scope of its responsibility as requested by the Parks and Recreation Board.

Goals of the Arlington Tree Advisory Committee

ATAC shall promote the health, safety and general welfare of the residents of Arlington by supporting the initiatives of the Parks and Recreation Department’s Urban Forestry program. Our goal is to preserve and enhance one of the community’s most valuable natural assets – its municipal forest and trees on public property, including boulevards, parks and other city properties. More specifically, it is the desire of the City of Arlington to:

  • nurture the essential plant communities that constitute Arlington’s natural heritage;
  • create habitat for wildlife, stabilize soil and improve water quality;
  • reduce erosion and sedimentation;
  • allow for the natural replenishment of groundwater supplies by reducing storm water runoff;
  • control drainage and restore denuded soil subsequent to construction or grading;
  • preserve and enhance aesthetic qualities of both natural and artificial environments;
  • reduce air pollution by absorbing carbon dioxide, ozone, particulate matter and producing oxygen;
  • conserve energy by shading buildings, structures and parking areas;
  • maintain and/or increase real property values;
  • reduce wind speed and human exposure to high winds and other severe weather;
  • reduce noise pollution through vegetative buffers;
  • build neighborhood cohesion through social interaction; and
  • educate Arlington’s citizens on the importance of trees and their values.

Contact for more information and apply here: Arlington Tree Advisory Committee application