Alex Celebrates His Tenth Birthday at Arlington Animal Services

Articles Animals 09-19-14

A special birthday celebration took place at the Animal Services Center (ASC) on Saturday, September 13. Alex Chinappi was the first to celebrate his 10th birthday party at this new, exciting party destination.

When asked what Alex enjoyed most about his party, like most 10 year olds, he stated it was “opening the gifts”. In this case, as he cheerfully and gratefully opened each gift, the incredible part was that most of the gifts were donations for the animal shelter. You see, Alex has a love of animals and compassion well beyond his ten years of age. He asked his guests to bring donations for the animals in lieu of birthday gifts because he wanted to do a selfless act and give back to his community.

Alex’s generosity resulted in a donation to the ASC of $437! These funds help the center’s efforts in educating the community in responsible pet ownership. Aida and Brian Chinappi are extremely proud of their young philanthropic son and willingly donated $135 to have the party at the center so he could make his wish come true. Alex donated the $302 in gift donations he received from his guests as a gift to the center.

Volunteer Administrator Cheri Colbert hosted the upbeat party and led Alex and his guests on a fun and educational journey. She taught the group about interacting with and caring for animals, provided a sneak-peak behind the scene tour in the ASC, and an adventuresome scavenger hunt with prizes.

Two furry party animals made an appearance; Deacon, a Golden Retriever/Great Pyrenees   and Mercy June, a Great Pyrenees to provide the attendees with wonderful pet therapy.

Katnip the Clown was a highlight of the party, as she taught everyone how to create balloon art.

A four month old kitten found a home with one of Alex’s guests, Laura Elkenan and her family, when they chose to adopt the kitty to top off the celebration.

Thank you, Alex for your spirit of giving and to your parents for having your birthday party at Arlington Animal Services! This appreciation also goes out to the guests of the party for the donations and for choosing to adopt.

Interested in having a birthday party in a unique setting? Get information about booking a party at Arlington Animal Services from Cheri Colbert at or at 817-459-6183.

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