World Animal Day Touched the Downtown Arlington Farmer’s Market

Adopt A Pet at Farmer's Market

Autumn was in the air at the Downtown Arlington Farmer’s Market on Saturday, October 4, when the Animal Services Mobile Pet Adoption vehicle arrived with six adoptable pets on board. Several City departments participated in a City at the Market special event, supporting World Animal Day and the downtown market at 215 E. Front Street. City staff met with the public, answered questions and provided information about City services.

The pet-friendly Downtown Farmer’s Market is welcoming with its assortment of locally homegrown delectable fruits and vegetables; homemade honey, tamales, and jerky; handmade jewelry, soaps, and candles; and many more epicurean delights. The vibe was laid back and comfortable as people came and went, with an exciting element to the day being that one by one, all six homeless pets found forever homes.

Animal Services Manager Chris Huff thanked Joe Bruner and the Farmer’s Market team for having Arlington Animal Services Center at the market, and said, “The shelter staff, volunteers and other City departments enjoyed the beautiful sunshine and all the market had to offer.”

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Kim Feil

notice the fracking “Arlington Tomorrow Foundation” logo on the doggy van?….awe blood money from making us co-exist from gas wells finds doggies new homes..what a good trade off…who said it was safe to co-exist with gas wells in our neighborhoods?…the lil doggies and former Mel leBlanc…why did he resign?…oh lets believe everything “he” says!

Kim Feil

wow its already been a year that I haven’t been invited back to do volunteer work at the farmers market there cause I’m not so friendly to our frack friendly city council….#noregret