Fielder House Celebrating 100 Years

Articles Fielder House 12-3-14

It has been almost exactly 100 years since the first brick home in Arlington was built–the historic Fielder House.

According to Geraldine Mills, Director of the Historical Society, the Fielder House will celebrate its 100th birthday by providing tours, refreshments and live entertainment available from 2:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. on Sunday, December 14.

The home was built  as a private residence by Park Fielder, a prominent banker and Arlington commissioner who served on the original board of UTA, along with his wife Mattie Fielder.

The two-story brick prairie-style home once known as “Home on the Hill” was built on a 215-acre site surrounded by live oaks, orchards and gardens.

Since April 20, 1980, the house has been the home of the Fielder Museum, the Arlington Historical Society and the Arlington Preservation Foundation, featuring permanent exhibits such as a general store, barber shop and a replica steam train.

“It’s a beautiful example of how life was, and at one point,  how simple life used to be in Arlington,” said Mills. “I’m really proud of the city for choosing to restore the house and save it for future generations.”

There are exhibits all throughout the house to showcase the history of Arlington, its surrounding communities and the Fielder family.

“People should come and view the exhibits for themselves, life has changed dramatically in the past hundred years, especially in Arlington,” Mills said.  “Seeing where we are today in comparison to our simple beginnings really makes one wonder about the future, she said.”

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Kim Feil

I really enjoyed the 100 years Boy Scouts exhibit…I loved hanging out in the basement hide-a-way…scareyfun.