Home 4 the Holidays Event was a Home Run for Shelter Pets

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Council member Sheri Capehart with AFD Fire Prevention in support of the Home 4 the Holidays event

Over 38 animals have a “Home 4 the Holidays” thanks to the mega special event held at Globe Life Park (Texas Rangers) on Saturday, December 6. Partnerships with several animal shelters from neighboring cities and an assortment of pet adoption placement partners made for a successful event focused on promoting responsible pet ownership and finding homes for adoptable pets.

Animal Services Center Board Member, Dr. Jenkins (with over 39 years of veterinary experience) provided over 20 free heartworm tests including 30 days of free heartworm preventative medication to appreciative pet owners. At the end of the day, more than 100 pets received low-cost veterinary services from dedicated community partners.

“A lot of people didn’t realize we have all these services available. Seeing everyone come together for one cause, to provide awareness to our pets and show our services is really what this is all about,” said Chris Huff, Animal Services Manager.

In addition to the 38 dogs and cats that found homes, many rabbits also received lots of exposure.

A highlight of the event was a special appearance by Texas Rangers pitcher Jon Edwards, who provided autographs for attendees. Edwards beamed a radiant smile as he spoke fondly about his four month old pet Bull Dog named Scout.

In addition to autographs by Edwards, Santa flew in to sit for pictures, and families with their pets rubbed noses with celebrity canines. Golden PAWS offered a variety of handcrafted sports blankets and other holiday gifts for pets, and the aroma and taste of comfort food was readily available from a participating food truck.

This event strengthened community partnerships while it served the needs of many homeless pets. “It feels good knowing that you’re out here for a good cause, to get these dogs adopted,” said Virginia Morena, intern for Prairie Paws Adoption Center.

Julia Jeffrey, a detective for the Arlington Police Department, was all smiles after deciding to take a puppy home. Jeffrey was especially attentive to the dogs that had not yet found homes. She stated, “Seeing the young kids get their first dog has been one of my favorite parts of the day. They’re so happy, it brings back memories.”

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Charlotte LANE

I have a young male cat.That my daughter found in the field by my house. He needs to be neutered. Please let me know if I need to make an appointment .And how much it cost.Thank you.

Reginald Lewis - Office of Communication

We have forwarded your information to the Animal Services Center. Someone will contact you today to answer any questions you may have.