Arlington Municipal Airport Expecting Heavy Traffic

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Ohio State and Oregon may still be a few hours from combat, but already the inaugural College Football Playoff National Championship has crowned a clear winner: the Arlington Municipal Airport.

The airport received has an unprecedented amount of air traffic for the big game between Ohio State and Oregon, which will bring in loyal fans from around the country.

So, how is this air traffic impacting the American Dream City?

“Guests coming into our airport are going to eat in our restaurants and stay in our hotels. This will help provide employment for some of the businesses in our city,” said Karen VanWinkle, manager of the Arlington Municipal Airport.

Due to the anticipated traffic, VanWinkle plans to have additional staffing on all three shifts. The challenge increases exponentially after the game, when the planes parked there all want to take off at the same time. VanWinkle expects her staff to be ready.

“Our airport provides outstanding service,” she said. “We make sure the needs of every aircraft, whether it’s a single-engine aircraft or charter aircraft, are met.  The repeat traffic is proof that we offer an excellent experience.”

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  1. south of the airport expect awful air quality due to winds coming from the north…mix well with gas wells and wah lah..synergistic poison in residential arisheds…lovely…great fracking planning Arlington….public safety NOT job 1

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