Keela & Torrey McGraw’s American Dream: It’s All About Family

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When realtor Keela McGraw first moved to Arlington, convenience and location were driving factors. “And I felt safe,” she says.

Then, in 2005 she met her future husband, Torrey, in Atlanta. Within a year, he moved to Arlington and proposed. “It was the best thing he ever did,” Keela says with a smile.

As newlyweds in their late 20s, they both saw Arlington with new eyes. “It was a place where we could see ourselves having a family and do kid things but also have adult options,” Torrey explains. “Arlington is one place [to live and] go through life’s changes.”

“Being able to be in a location that allows us to achieve our goals, whether it’s personal goals or business goals” is the American Dream, says Torrey. And they’re living it.

The couple now has two children, which are the center of their universe. Two years ago, as the McGraws were trying to find things to do in Arlington, they became frustrated that they couldn’t find one source dedicated to the City’s food, activities and shopping, so they decided to start a publication that did: Arlington Texas Today.

The duo’s digital guide has grown to 40,000 visitors per month, and they are enjoying bonding with their children at the activities they write about.

“There’s always something to do here, and you don’t necessarily have to pay a ton of money to experience these things,” says Torrey. “That’s the reason we’re going to be here for a long time.”

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  1. Keela and Torrey, you are awesome! Congratulations! I was just browsing the American dream sight on this morning and I saw MY FRIENDS. May God continue to bless you all, I love you so much, Ricky and Ameenah Montgomery.

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