30 Seconds with Volunteer William Oglesby

Articles Animals William Oglesby 05-06-15

  1. What’s your name?  William Oglesby
  2. Nick name? None
  3. How long have you been a volunteer?  Since April 2012 at Animal Services, 20+ at other places (Cooks Children’s, Jewish Family Services, Temple Emanu-El, and APD).
  4. Where are you from?  Born in Fort Worth, lived in Pakistan for two years when I was younger, and then back to Arlington and around the world with the Navy.   
  5. What music CD do you like? The Beatles
  6. What’s the last movie you saw? Lincoln
  7. What’s your favorite animal?   I like them all
  8. What’s your favorite reality show?  I don’t really care for reality shows
  9. What book are you reading right now?  None
  10. Where was your last vacation? Budapest, Vienna, Prague, and Warsaw
  11. What’s your favorite quote or saying? Tikkun Olam (Repair of the World) not really a saying or quote. It’s a lifestyle/commandment. Maybe L’Chaim To Life is another saying.
  12. What’s your favorite hobby? Music/fixing up my ’66 Mustang
  13. How much time do you spend volunteering per week? 7 or more hours at various places
  14. What do you enjoy most about volunteering?  Schmoozing with the animals/people/kids