Arlington Announces May 2015 Property of the Month Winners

The City of Arlington Code Compliance Services has adopted a brand new program that spotlights properties that embody the idea of living in the American Dream City.

Each month, a panel of judges comprised of citizens and city employees chooses two properties — one residential and one multi-family/commercial — in each council district to be the premier property. This program ties in to the city council’s “Champion Great Neighborhoods” priority.

Here is a look at the May 2015 Property of the Month winners:

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“It’s a chance to recognize those who are going above and beyond to enhance the neighborhood,” says Arlington Code Compliance Field Operations Manager James Triplett. “The program helps facilitate economic growth in the community by encouraging others to follow the example set by the property of the month.”

Parks at Tree Point Apartments is one of the first Property of the Month winners in Arlington, receiving this title Friday morning.

“It feels amazing and it’s an honor,” says Crystal, community director for the apartments. She attributes the property of the month achievement to having “amazing staff that go above and beyond to maintain the property.” Crystal hopes the honor will bring new residents and make the current residents proud to live there.

Anyone can nominate a property, be it a proud homeowner or an impressed onlooker. To be property of the month, however, the property owner cannot have a code history, such as chronic violations.

If you are interested in the program or wish to nominate someone you feel is worthy, visit the Code Compliance Service Property of the Month website to find out more.


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Kim Feil

Is this where the defeated gaswell complex was to go?