Vantage Energy Gas Well to Reopen June 25

Articles Fire 06-24-15

The Arlington Fire Department has completed its investigation of the LABC gas well incident that occurred April 11, 2015. All safety and operational systems on the site were inspected.

Investigators have determined that the leak was caused by equipment failure in a frac adaptor mandrel that was improperly manufactured. This piece of equipment is no longer in use at the site.

Vantage Energy has been and remains fully cooperative and transparent with the fire department and with City officials throughout the incident and investigation.

Now that the investigation has concluded, Vantage Energy has received permission to resume operations on the LABC gas well site. According to the Arlington Fire Department, the gas well is scheduled to reopen Thursday, June 25, 2015.

All well site questions should be directed to Vantage Energy at 888-225-8141.


2 thoughts on “Vantage Energy Gas Well to Reopen June 25”

  1. Gas operators LOVE to operate in business-friendly places! Bloomberg Business reports that Pennsylvania DEP fined Vantage $1 Million in December 2014 for environmental violations while our city only fines them $2,000 for the unauthorized discharge of over 42,000 gallons of fracking fluid into our storm drains and creeks. Citizens should be outraged that our government is not doing their job of protecting the public. When Vantage succeeds at finding a buyer for their company, the environmental damage will only get worse.

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