City Council Adds New Priority: Put Technology to Work

Articles Put Technology To Work 08-04-15

The Arlington City Council has approved “Put Technology to Work” as a new priority for fiscal year 2016.

According to city leaders, technology touches all parts of the city life — the organization, residents and businesses. It is also integral in achieving the City’s other four priorities: Invest in Our Economy, Support Quality Education, Enhance Regional Mobility and Champion Great Neighborhoods.

This emphasis, which includes enhancing current and embracing new technologies, will improve access, convenience and timeliness of information for our community, creating greater transparency.

“Arlington is poised to lead the way toward becoming a center of innovation, using technology and civic policy to create better lives for its citizens,” said Deputy City Manager Theron Bowman.

Let’s take a look at the City’s plans to accomplish this goal.

Advance New Technologies

The City of Arlington will work with residents, local business, corporate organizations and educational entities to ensure that Arlington is a place where technological innovations are possible.

Build Infrastructure for the Future

Our advanced infrastructure would allow the city to be fully connected to a digital society by making our internet a utility, rather than a privilege.

Engage Our Data

Officials are committed to leveraging data-driven decision making in order to improve internal efficiencies, analyze current and future needs and opportunities, and increase transparency for Arlington’s citizens and business community.

Security – Privacy and Transparency

The City of Arlington will be steward of the data, protecting the public’s interest while advancing, engaging, and creating openly and responsibly. Our corporate culture will also make Digital Arlington a safe place to live, work, learn, play and thrive.