Crews Repairing Six Water Main Breaks, Some Outages Expected

Water Advisory 10-23-14

Arlington water customers should be aware that crews are currently working on six water main breaks in the following locations:

  • W. Pleasant Ridge Rd. near Pleasant Oaks Ct. (42-inch water main)
  • W. Green Oaks Blvd. near W. Pleasant Ridge Rd.
  • W. Pleasant Ridge Rd. near Sangre Trail
  • Waterview Dr. near W. Green Oaks Blvd.
  • Tennessee Trail near W. Sublett Rd.
  • Mintwood Place near Ann Drive

Some Arlington water customers, primarily near I-20, should expect to experience outages while the repair process is underway.

“Water usage has increased this summer, which means the pressure in our system also increases as we pump more water,” said Water Utilities Director Buzz Pishkur. “The higher pressure sometimes causes breaks in the pipes that are most vulnerable. However, our crews are actively working on these breaks.”

The first step in repairing the water main includes City of Arlington crews “valving down” some areas to isolate the location of the break.

Pishkur is pleased with the way the City’s new valve operating system is helping the Water Utilities Department identify the valves quickly and efficiently operate them to minimize water loss.

Customers should expect the overall distribution system to gradually move back to normal operations within the next eight hours.

Traffic is expected to be impacted while crews work on these repairs. We will continue to provide updates as new information is made available.

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E Cyphers
As a resident in this area, I am dismayed at the lack of communication with residents concerning many issues related to the water main breaks. Not sure when this notice was placed on the website, but it was Not during the initial hours of the breaks. Many questions remain, is the water safe for consumption after the breaks? How do we know? Why wasn’t there a statement made to news about streets to avoid, safety of water, etc. Another concern, living off Pleasant Ridge/Oldfield area, there was an extreme amount of water rushing into drainage areas, enough to wash someone… Read more »
Steve H

Yep welcome in giardia and other viruses, especially when psi dropped below 20. Don’t let your animals drink it..


Wow. That side of town has experienced its share of water main breaks and sinkholes! One can’t help but wonder if the intensity of fracking activity with all that injection and extraction has something to do with it. Unfortunately, new State legislation (HB40) strips away local control to regulate this heavy industrial mining activity inside our neighborhoods. Maybe we need to call David Porter, the newly assigned Chairman of the Railroad Commission. The last time I recall him visiting North Texas was when he attended the packed town hall in the Azle/Reno area during their frackquakes swarm.