Dry Weather Conditions Impacting Water Usage in Arlington

During the Arlington City Council’s Sept.15 meeting, Director of Water Utilities Buzz Pishkur made a presentation that addressed multiple customer concerns about summer consumption.

Pishkur noted that during the summer months, water usage generally goes up, which means people will have higher bills. However, July and August of 2015 were unusually dry months in North Texas, which has meant an even higher use of water by Arlington customers.

And, while 99.99% of bills are accurate, Pishkur said Arlington’s Water Utilities will often do spot checks to catch any errors.

“No one wants to be overcharged for any service including their water and we certainly don’t want to over-charge anyone,” Pishkur said. “In fact, we have implemented several new programs to catch leaks sooner, conserve water and assist customers with managing their consumption throughout the year.”

During his presentation, Pishkur also provided information related to the rates being charged for the service. He also clarified how water bills are calculated and prepared from the water meter reading to the printing and delivery of the bill to the customer.

Click here to view the presentation.

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James Gallacher

My bill has more than tripled since the 7/10/2015. This is the Water Service 1 portion.
$15.02 to $39.34 on 8/08/2015 to $54.21 on the 9/08/15 bill. We have not done anything different. Something is wrong.