How Using Technology Has Improved Arlington’s Storm Cleanup Efforts

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The Arlington Parks and Recreation is now using a new software called Cartegraph to keep track of all its assets and projects in real time via an iPad app.

The app allows the department to enter assets into the system.  Anything as big as a park to as small an item as a trash can is logged as an asset, Parks and Recreation Asset System Administrator Scott DeGrant said.  Then all projects are charged under an asset in the system, and field staff can view exactly what needs to be done and log their work hours, as well as expenditures.

The Parks Department began using the software in early 2014, and was then able to see the new technology in action during the storms that hit Arlington last October.  Cartegraph allowed the city to keep track of many hours, equipment usage, and costs during the storm, and to be more efficient in cleanup and recovery.  They were able to see the apps’ capability again with the heavy rain and flooding last May.

“It was a great testament to what the system could do for us,” DeGrant said.

Now, Parks and Recreation is beginning to use Cartegraph to look at trends, improvements, and processes, as well as to plan ahead for the next weather-related emergency that may occur.  Costs that were before difficult to estimate are easier to keep track of, and the department can use that information to ask for budget adjustments if need be, he said.

“The biggest benefit we’re getting towards is streamlining productivity,” DeGrant said.

For Arlington residents, Cartegraph provides a source of accountability and a bigger snapshot of what Parks and Recreation does for the American Dream City, DeGrant said.

To view the video created by Cartegraph about Parks and Recreation’s implementation of the software, visit

This connects with the Arlington City Council’s “Put Technology to Work” priority.


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