Arlington Partners with SLWA for Sewer Line Repair Program

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The City of Arlington’s Water Utilities Department has hired Service Line Warranties of America (SLWA) to make repairs to  sewer lines located in the public right-of-way (ROW), as well as provide an optional, affordable warranty program to cover the costs of repairs on private lines for which the homeowner is responsible.

Water customers are being mailed a City of Arlington-approved letter that covers a resident’s service line responsibilities, and shares how the new program streamlines the process and response times for residents experiencing sewer back-ups.

Click here to view the letter.

According to Director of Arlington Water Utilities Buzz Pishkur, this repair contract will save the City of Arlington approximately $600,000 each year.

This unique program provides additional benefits to Arlington residents.

“Based on recommendations from the Arlington City Council, we waived the typical royalty fees paid to the Utility from such programs in an effort to secure a below market rate for our residents,” said Pishkur. “The only money we received up front is $75,000 for a residential assistance program, which will go directly to those in need.”

For more information, read the Frequently Asked Questions.

5 thoughts on “Arlington Partners with SLWA for Sewer Line Repair Program”

  1. I called the company they couldn’t answer basic questions and was very vague with their answers. I believe this will turn out to be a bad deal for the homeowners of Arlington. Insurance policy is for $4000.00 anything over that the homeowner will have to make up the difference. I’m sure it will always go over.

  2. What is going on with these 2 letters I recieved in the mail? They look like they were mailed from the City of Arlington but not so. SLWA is usingoing City of Arlingtonew envelopes and letterhead, and the signature ofor Dr. Walter J. Pishkar, the Director of Water Utilities.

  3. I am concerned that the city is now in the insurance business. Should the city be endorsing a specific insurance vendor? The letter appears to be an advertisement for the insurance company on city letterhead. This does not appear to be completely above board.

  4. good deal on low rates doesn’t equate to what trauma the frackquakes do to our piping…then its on us to fix it if it on our side…how bout make the drilling operators share in this risk!!!!!

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