Arlington Fire Department Helps Fight Central Texas Wildfires

Articles Fire 10-20-15

After a wildfire fueled by unseasonably hot weather burned through six miles and destroyed several homes in Smithville, Texas, crews from Arlington Fire Department answered the call to help.

The Arlington Fire Department’s TIFMAS (Texas Intrastate Fire Mutual Aid System) team continues to help fight wildfires after the state requested assistance in Central Texas.

Crews have been helping out since October 15, 2015 and are set to return home on Thursday, October 22 after a week-long deployment that began in McGregor, Texas.

Out of the 24 State TIFMAS regions, Tarrant County is within region 4. There are four TIFMAS Strike Teams in the Tarrant County TIFMAS. Those teams include the Northeast Fire Department Association (NEFDA), Southern Emergency Response and Preparedness (SERPA), Tarrant County ESD (TCESD) and Arlington/Fort Worth (ARL/FW).

Arlington’s on-site TIFMAS commander is BC Mike Shoemaker. Arlington Brush 14 is staffed by Lt. Shawn Corder and Lt. Jeff Durand while Brush 10 is staffed by Lt. Tom Hixson and Lt. Ryan Shepard.

Visit Arlington Fire Department’s Facebook page to see more pictures of the TIFMAS working in Central Texas.