Tillie Burgin, Mission Arlington Helping Others Realize the American Dream

Mission Arlington/Mission Metroplex Executive Director Tillie Burgin has been making a difference in The American Dream City for nearly 30 years.

After serving as missionaries in Korea in the late 1970’s, Burgin and her family spent seven years praying about doing missions locally. From a closet in downtown Arlington, Burgin launched Mission Arlington on August 1, 1986.

Mission Arlington does a lot of great work in the community, providing a variety of services for people in need: food, dental care, health care, emergency assistance, school supplies, and much more. But just because the people Mission Arlington helps are in need, doesn’t mean they don’t have dreams for themselves, their family and their community. The work of Mission Arlington and Burgin assists those people in living their dreams, at a critical time in their lives.

We talked to Tillie Burgin about living her American Dream and how Mission Arlington is taking “church to the people.”


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Chuck Mencke

Miss Tillie as I’ve always known her is an example of how a simple idea she had to continue to help those in need can blossom into the organization it is now, helping the multitude of those in need. You’re an angel Miss Tillie and you and your staff are making a difference to those that are served.

Ron and Jane Thomas

Mission Arlington is amazing. We have contributed items over the years and have received services from them, as well. We love them.

Vickye Key

Tillie, showed me how much God truly loves me. She gave me a reason to fight 18 years ago when my life looked grim. Today, I wake up everyday and thank God for changing me and allowing me to serve him and his people.
Tillie, I love you!
Thank you

John Bagdasarian

Miss Tillie is an example of Jesus. Jesus said Follow Me. She has done exactly that. We all need to do the same. Kick off the world and follow Jesus.


Ms Tillie is proof Our Lord has a plan, she has managed to work tirelessly helping families exist and have hope in Our Lord when times are tough. The true blessings are when those she and our community have helped return to foster and care for others when they are back on their feet. No greater plan than one designed by Our Lord Jesus Christ.


Yes, she does more hands in work than anyone!!!! She is truly a “hands on” missionary in Arlington!!!


She truly is a saint. I volunteer at MA and have witnessed her pitching in regardless of the job to help as many people as possible.

Jane Tettleton

Tillie, Bob, and Mission Arlington have helped countless people realize the American Dream. Thank you to all the folks who work there night and day to take church to the people. Great will be your reward in Heaven!

Terry R. Meyer

Thank you Tillie Burgin for all you have done
and for all you are doing for the people in this World!!!!