City Council Approves Next Phase of Abram St. Rebuild Project

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Arlington is moving forward with the next phase of the Abram Street Rebuild Project, which will ultimately make the transportation connections within and beyond the City’s borders more efficient.

The next phase of the Abram Street Rebuild Project will consist of the reconstruction of Abram Street between Collins Street and Stadium Drive as a 5-lane undivided concrete roadway from Collins Street to Gay Street. From Gay Street to Stadium Drive, Abram Street will be constructed as a 4-lane divided roadway.

Residents can expect to see underground drainage, sidewalks, water and sanitary sewer improvements, streetlights, and a new bridge over Johnson Creek that will significantly reduce the flooding of Abram Street.

The Arlington City Council approved the construction contract with Tiseo Paving Company, of Mesquite, Texas in the amount of approximately $16 million at the evening session on November 17, 2015.

Construction on this phase is set to begin in January 2016 and will be completed in summer 2017.

The Abram Street Rebuild Project is part of the 2008 Bond Election. Abram Street improvements also include $8.2 million in road and water improvements along with sidewalks, streetlights and landscaping from Stadium Drive to State Highway 360 and $8.6 million in improvements from State Highway 360 to Great Southwest Parkway.

You can track the progress of this project and many others happening throughout Arlington by visiting the city’s Street Tracker webpage.

This project is connected to the Arlington City Council’s priority of improving regional mobility. Overall, the City will have $91 million in capital street construction in progress by early 2016.


4 thoughts on “City Council Approves Next Phase of Abram St. Rebuild Project”

  1. It is my understanding that Abram Street, both sides of Collins, is from the 2008 bond election. We were told road improvements and more traffic flow. We were never told of the road diet, and taking away of lanes. Why?

    Why were city officials wanting our money to improve traffic flow on the east side of Collins and not telling us about the plan to use our dollars to bottleneck on the west side.

    Nowhere in the 2008 bond propaganda does it say anything about reducing lanes.

      1. Believe what you like…

        Unfortunately, he was part of the citizen committee that was given the presentation and knew what was going on, then led the charge for passage.

  2. We are paying to build/expand Abram St to 5 lanes undivided from Collins east to Gay and 4 lane divided east of Gay. That makes perfect sense with a 5-lane undivided Abram St west of Collins.

    However, the cronies at city hall decided, NO. They decided we must cause havoc. So after spending all those millions on Abram St to the east of Collins, they are going to WASTE millions to make Abram St west of Collins a two-lane divided (as in one lane in each direction) bottleneck.

    Don’t you just love the cronies on our city council…

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