City of Arlington Works to Improve Neighborhood Appearances

Articles Recycling Carts 11-18-15

Championing Great Neighborhoods is a key priority of Arlington City Council and that includes improving neighborhood appearance and integrity throughout the city.

The City Council approved an ordinance at the evening session on November 10, 2015 related to the storage of residential recycling carts.

Residents will now be required to store the recycling carts out of sight when not placed at the curb for the permitted times of collection.

This ordinance has been drafted to address several concerns from residents about quality of life and the impact to the neighborhood. The City hopes that by storing recycling containers away from public streets, it will make parking easier for Arlington residents.

The previous ordinance required that recycling carts be removed from the curb before 7:00 a.m., the morning after the day of scheduled collection. However, residents have voiced concerns that the containers, once removed from the curb, are being stored in locations visible from the public street or right-of-way.

Under the new ordinance, if a resident commits three separate violations for failing to properly store the container, at least 10 days apart within a period of six months, Code Compliance may remove the recycling cart from the property, but no citations will be issued.

Code Compliance will first send a written warning by certified mail to the resident for each violation. Again, no citations will be written.

This ordinance is part of the mission of Code Compliance Services to foster healthy and attractive neighborhoods by gaining compliance of property maintenance and health codes.

You can report code violations 24 hours a day by calling the Arlington Action Center at 817-459-6777.


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David Asher

Can I just opt to have my recycling bin recycled? My wife says i’m going to hell so I don’t think the whole recycling credit thing will cut me any slack in the thereafter.

Debbie Hall

What will they do about the handicapped who asked about the driveway pickups? I’m with some others that I cannot lug that thing into my backyard. I hope the city will come up with a different consensus or help us find some sort of disguise for these green thingies! I love recycling, but won’t if I have to move the bin back and forth….

Lorraine Levine
I like to put mine out in the front during the day while I can see better. I have to navigate a narrow single-car driveway with a car in it, and need to see what I am doing. Once I have done that, there is no place to hide it … it is visible (only partly hidden by a tree) until I move it to the curb in the evening. I take it in once I know it has been emptied. As you see by the other comments, we all have different situations and house/garage layouts. I don’t like the… Read more »
Travis Blackburn

How can you force us to take a bin make us pay a monthly fee for the bin then threaten to take away the bin. If you do that do you also take away the mandatory monthly fee that you shove down our throat. I am not a fan of the big bin in the streets but I am less of a fan of government forcing things on to the people that elected them


Really?Of all the things that make our neighborhoods look bad this is the one thing they focus on? How about asphalt streets that a barely better than gravel. Broken curbs. multiple cars covered for years in driveways with the primary cars/trucks parked in the streets. Tree limbs so low in the streets you can touch them as you drive by.
So many more things to worry about that the stupid bins sitting in the street longer than 24-48 hours. You can’t even get code enforcement to enforce current codes anyway.


So much for my recycling efforts. Come and take it.

Ryan Hunt

We want to thank everyone for their feedback. According to Public Works and Transportation, there are no plans at this time to do something similar for trash bins to what’s being done with recycling containers.

Sundee Hinchliffe

Yes, please get us similar carts for trash. It is a huge improvement in convenience and appearance!

Cathey Smith

As far as I’m concerned just putting it on the side of the house should be good enough to consider it out of sight. For myself I could put it behind the bushes in front of my house. However, I found it more practical for me in my garage to use as intended. I’m definitely glad the current bins have wheels on them.

Michelle C
I don’t know. The bins are very large and we park 2 cars in our garage so leaving it in there is not an option. We usually keep ours in the backyard so that is not an issue, but it is a huge pain to lug it from the back yard all the way out to the curb. If we were elderly or disabled that would be a huge problem. We got the large bins to promote recycling, and I think this ordinance would undo all the good that has been done by getting the bins in the first place.… Read more »