Watershed Protection Plan Public Meeting: Dec. 10, 2015

Articles Public Meeting 12-08-15

The Lake Arlington-Village Creek Watershed Protection Plan will be presented publicly to begin the process of gathering input to help guide the development of strategies to help protect the water quality in Lake Arlington and Village Creek. The WPP is a voluntary, non-regulatory approach to achieve water quality goals through the strategic application of best management practices.

The City of Arlington, the Trinity River Authority of Texas and Texas Commission on Environmental Quality are partnering with local governments, business owners and residents.

Village Creek is currently listed as an impaired water body on the TCEQ 2010 Texas Integrated Report of Surface Water Quality. While it is not currently listed as impaired, Lake Arlington was included in the 2012 Integrated Report for nitrate and chlorophyll-a concerns.


  • Thursday, Dec. 10, 2-4 p.m.


  • Burleson Service Center, University Room
    725 SE John Jones Drive, Burleson, Texas


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Ranjana Bhandari

How does one send comments by email to be entered in the official record? Thank you.

Ryan Hunt

Hi Ranjana, Thanks for your question! This meeting is being run by the Trinity River Authority of Texas. Here is their contact page: http://www.trinityra.org/form.asp?i=4. You can also call (817) 467-4343.

Ranjana Bhandari

Thank you.

Kim Feil

Was told by Quicksilver rep that the drillsites on the Ft Worth side of the lake are at 580 ft elevation…heard in a youtube video that our lake was 8 ft over full…and then was told that the highest Lake Arlington rose in the most recent early Dec rains was 559 ft…so are we going to let 20 feet define the protection against the proximity of our drinking water source to toxic drill sites? Buy’em up & shut’em in permanently.

Kim Feil
Why is the meeting in Burleson? ooh because we are trying to sell our “excess” water to them….coincidentally they had a water quality failure event over there in May due to a water main break, but people complained they weren’t notified and some drank the bad water…wonder if that prompted Burleson to ant to buy some of our treated water?….soooo maybe this is part of the reason Arlington City Council did NOT approve drilling two more laterals UNDER Lake Arlington at last months city council meeting? Bad PR (loss of a municipal water customer) more costly than the royalty checks?…but… Read more »