Council Approves Project for Collins Street from Mayfield to I-20

Articles Enhance Regional Mobility 12-18-15

Drivers can expect to see additional lanes along Collins Street from Mayfield Road and the west bound frontage road of Interstate Highway IH-20.

The engineering services contract with Teague Nail & Perkins, Inc. of Fort Worth in the amount of $349,590 was approved by the Arlington City Council at the evening session on Tuesday, January 12, 2016 and is part of the 2014 Bond Election.

The project is scheduled to begin construction in 2019 and includes additional lanes, replacement of existing concrete panels where needed, along with surface adjustments of water and sanitary sewer facilities.

Traffic signals will also be installed to accommodate the new lanes, street lights, pavement markings, street signs, sidewalks, fiber conduit, and median landscaping and irrigation.

The design also includes the evaluation by the Public Works and Transportation Department of the feasibility for additional turn-lanes.

“The addition of a through lane in each direction will help alleviate congestion that we currently experience in this corridor,” said David Wynn, Assistant Director/Public Engineer for Public Works and Transportation. “Additionally, right-turn lanes will expedite the movement of those vehicles turning right at the major intersections.”

This project is part of the City Council’s priority to Enhance Regional Mobility and a commitment to improving the efficiency and effectiveness of Arlington’s transportation.