Ballet Academy in Arlington Invited to International Competition

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Photo credit: American Classical Ballet Academy

A group of students from the American Classical Ballet Academy in Arlington have the chance to make their dreams come true after being invited to participate in the Youth American Grand Prix International Finals.

The group of girls, averaging 9 years of age, received an invitation after performing and qualifying at the semifinals in Austin, TX earlier this year. The group competed against groups from the United States, Canada, Mexico, and Japan.

This was the first year that the girls participated in the YAGP Semi-Finals. The American Classical Ballet Academy is also one of the youngest groups to ever qualify for the finals. Approximately 15,000 students compete around the world, but only around 200 are selected. The competition will be held in New York City from April 22-29, 2016.

“This is a huge deal, not only for our girls, but for Arlington,” said Mike Young, co-owner of the American Classical Ballet Academy. “We’re so proud of these girls and we would like to take them to New York City so they can experience something they worked so hard to earn.”

The American Classical Ballet Academy has been operating in Arlington for three years and is an exclusive private school, which accommodates grades 3-12. The school currently has a GoFundMe fundraiser open in hopes of securing the necessary money to make sure the dancers and staff can attend the competition in New York. For more information or to make a donation please visit


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Mike Young
Amy, thank you very much for your corrections and thank you Ryan for posting them so quickly. It is well known that the city of Arlington has been producing beautiful and talented dancers for many years and we are thankful that they have paved the way for little dancers like ours. Amongst those schools that you have listed, ACBA has also been involved with YAGP for several years now and have had students qualify and compete at the international finals in New York. I would like to make a few more corrections. The ensemble cast in the story competed at… Read more »

This information is not all accurate. These girls are not the first from Arlington to compete at YAGP. My daughter, as well as several other dancers, have been competing at YAGP for many years and invited to NYC multiple times. Dancers from Ballet Center, Mejia Ballet, and Art Academy also have competed and won top honors and invitations to the finals.
Congratulations to these dancers, but please don’t pass misinformation that negates the other dancers. These dancers may be the first for this studio, but definitely not for Arlington.

Ryan Hunt

Hi Amy, thanks so much for your comment. We have corrected the article and we apologize for the misinformation. It’s great to hear that there are so many ballet groups in Arlington and that they have all found incredible success. Again, thank you and I appreciate you reaching out to us!