Upgrades Underway at John Kubala Water Treatment Plant

The John Kubala Water Treatment Plant will be temporarily offline for the next few weeks during the installation of a new ozone generator, which is designed to help Arlington continue providing its customers with high-quality, great-tasting drinking water.

The Pierce Burch Water Treatment Plant will serve all Arlington customers during the temporary closure of John Kubala, which started Friday, March 11. The ozone generator replacement is part of multi-phase project to upgrade the water purification equipment and controls systems at the City’s two water treatment plants.

“Ozone application as a disinfectant has been instrumental in the City’s water being recognized as a “Best Tasting Water” multiple times over the past decade. This $15 million expenditure began last year and is moving along as planned,” Water Utilities Director Buzz Pishkur said.

During the John Kubula closure, some residents in a section of southwest Arlington may experience a temporary decrease in water pressure. Residents who may be affected live in neighborhoods west of U.S. Highway 287 in between Eden Road and Turner Warnell Road near the Tierra Verde Golf Club.

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