Arlington Excited to Help Make Dreams Come True for Filmmakers

Lights, camera, action in The American Dream City! The City of Arlington is proud to announce it is now a Film Friendly certified community recognized by the Texas Film Commission.

The Film Friendly Texas program provides training and ongoing guidance to statewide community representatives on how to effectively market their communities as filming destinations and how to accommodate on-location filming activity.

The program includes more than 90 communities representing various regions of Texas.

“Whether it’s for a two-day television commercial or a two-month feature film, the Texas Film Commission wants every Texas community to be prepared to welcome filmmakers in a way that benefits its residents, businesses and the community at large,” said Kim LeBlanc, Production & Community Relations Specialist with the Texas Film Commission.

“Certification in the Film Friendly Texas program sends a message to filmmakers that a community is serious about attracting their business. We are proud to add Arlington to our statewide network of Film Friendly certified communities and we are excited to let it be known that Arlington is ready for its close up.”

The City of Arlington has been home to a number of film and television productions over the years, including The Amazing Race, Prison Break, Spy Kids 2, The Rookie and many more.

“Arlington is excited to help make dreams come true for filmmakers across the country,” said Jay Warren, Marketing Communications Manager for the City of Arlington. “We’ve already been home to many great movies and TV shows through the years and the City is looking forward to more exciting projects in the future.”

The City’s Office of Communication has created a webpage specifically for Arlington’s filming history, filming guidelines and highlighted locations for future filmmakers to check out. The webpage is

Articles Film-Friendly 4-21-16

Ryan Hunt, Communication Coordinator for the City of Arlington’s Office of Communication, will be the designated point of contact for filmmakers looking to bring their projects to The American Dream City.

“Arlington is excited to help make dreams come true for filmmakers across the country,” said Hunt. “While we’ve already been home to many great projects through the years, this Film Friendly certification will streamline the process so we can showcase all of the vibrant locations Arlington has to offer.”

The City has provided the complete filming guidelines document for interested filmmakers on its Film Friendly webpage and a summary of the guidelines with a list of just the key components.

For more information on the Film Friendly Texas program, please visit the Texas Film Commission’s website. If you’re interested in bringing a project to Arlington, please contact Ryan Hunt at 817-459-6414.

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  1. Interestingly my negative PR on how this good town embraced toxic drilling ignoring TX Local Gov Code 253.005 (c) not to drill in the densly populated municipality…that the city hired PR people. So I just sued Chesapeake Energy in Small Claims Court yesterday representing myself. This story is MOVIE WORTHY…lets see what hungry film makers wants to work with me?

    1. There is a horrible leak at the one on 303 Pioneer Parkway that is making everyone sick! I could even smell it tonight on Park Row going back towards 303. My daughter says sometimes it fills her house depending on which way the wind blows. People and animals are getting cancers that cause oozing painful tumors on the spine! My daughter has tried notifying everyone but nobody seems to care. Good for you!!!

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