For Some, Owning a Home in the American Dream City is the Ultimate Dream

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Charnice Turner has a plan. Within the next year, Turner wants to purchase a home in Arlington, the American Dream City.

“I want this for my kids,” Turner said, gesturing to her 2-year-old twins, Ayden and Aniyah. “I want them to have space to run around and grow up.”

So Turner attended the City of Arlington’s inaugural Homeownership Fair on Saturday to learn more about buying a home in today’s real estate market and meet with lenders and real estate agents.

Scores of prospective homebuyers attended sessions on topics such as mortgage lending, affordable housing programs, city home repair programs and more. Residents also networked with mortgage lenders, real estate agents, housing specialists and city personnel.

Darwin Wade, the city’s Grants Coordinator, said the fair aimed to help residents navigate the sometimes arduous process of purchasing a home. The event was a prime example of Arlington City Council’s priority to Champion Great Neighborhoods.

“This is about helping people invest in their future and building strong communities,” Wade said. “Why not realize the American dream of owning a home in America’s Dream City?”

Turner, who attended the fair with her mother, Charlotte Turner, said buying her first home is exciting – and nerve wracking. To calm her nerves, she gathered plenty of resources on Saturday.

“I just want us to be comfortable and have a little space for our future,” she said. “Affordability is important to me. I want to make sure I can handle this.”

For Oscar and Jackie Hernandez, buying a home has been a longtime goal. They now rent a townhouse in Arlington but said they want more space for their 10-month-old son, Noam.

The couple has a short must-have list: a big back yard to play and big kitchen because they enjoy cooking, good schools and a safe neighborhood. Finding a lender and real estate agent who will look out for them is their top priority, Jackie Hernandez said.

“It’s time to buy,” Oscar Hernandez said. “We’re tired of paying rent every month. We want to own something for ourselves.”

Nearby, Daisy Sandoval studied brochures from various lenders, while her 4-year-old daughter, Angelie, grasped her legs.

Sandoval, who now rents a duplex, said she wants to provide for her children. “I want a better life for my kids, like everyone.”

Articles Homeownership Fair 06-27-16


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Fish Creek Neighbor
Who doesn’t desire the American Dream of home ownership, a backyard with a white picket fence. a couple of children, and a pet? But buyer beware since Texas falls short when it comes to real estate disclosure laws. New housing developments are allowed to be built dangerously close to fracking sites and even on top of old sites where gas wells have been plugged. Arlington has approximately 60 drill sites within its border spewing dangerous toxins into the air shed which cannot be detected with the naked eye. (The Fire Department just denied recommendation of the purchase of a FLIR… Read more »
Kim Feil

make sure U don’t buy by a home by a frack well