New Bad Königshofen Family Aquatic Center Daily Admission Limit Set

For several years, the Bad Königshofen pool has struggled with water clarity issues because of a steady increase in pool attendance. Sunscreen, sediment and other materials affect water’s clarity. When water doesn’t meet the Texas Administrative Code* regarding water clarity, park staff must close down the facility.

Arlington Aquatics will be limiting daily admission at Bad Königshofen to 450 individuals per day as a temporary solution to the water clarity issue. Doing so will ensure the pool stays within safety, health and city standards. Arlington Aquatics is working with Counsilman-Hunsaker and Sunbelt Pools to find a long-term solution.

Once the capacity has been met for the day, admissions will stop, even as individuals leave the pool. Arlington Aquatics apologizes for any inconvenience this may cause.

“The City of Arlington Aquatics works hard to maintain a clean, safe, and fun environment for all,” Maria Campbell, Arlington Aquatics Manager said. “We are working as hard as we can to come up with a solution to continue meeting your expectations as well as ours.”

To combat and satisfy the recent summer holiday rush, staff have authorized and issued rainchecks to those who were turned away at the door. Arlington Aquatics is still honoring those rainchecks issued, but will not be handing out additional rainchecks.

Staff recommends arriving earlier in the day to help your chance of entry or visiting another city pool. To check and see if capacity has been met for the day, call Bad Königshofen at 817-459-5223.

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*The Texas Administrative Code regarding water clarity states…

(b) Water clarity standards for post-10/01/99 and pre-10/01/99 pools and spas. Areas of a post-10/01/99 or pre-10/01/99 pool or spa shall be opened for use only if the pool or spa bottom and/or main drains are clearly visible. Possible visual occlusion by sediment or other matter shall be checked before opening a pool and periodically, as necessary, while the pool is in use. To check the pool or spa when in use, bathers shall exit and the pool or spa water shall be allowed to calm. Clarity shall be observed between 1 to 5 minutes after users have exited. The pool or spa shall be opened for use only if the bottom and/or main drains are clearly visible. Sediment or other matter that may cause visual occlusion shall be vacuumed, filtered or otherwise removed as needed prior to pool use.